In previous blogs I have mentioned about the journey and benefits of Anand Dant Ausadhi. I have came across one of the user of Dant Dant Ausadhi who is also my colleague. Let’s know below what he has shared about the journey of Dant Ausadhi.

It was back then, I started using Anand Dant Ausadhi an Ayurvedic Tooth Powder for the problem of my sensitivity of teeth. I started using it on the advice of my father. After using it for few days I noticed that the problem of my sensitivity is slowing decreasing. It has a very simple process to follow which I used is: Just take the adequate amount of Anand Dant Ausadhi Ayurvedic Tooth Powder and massage with the powder for about 20 minutes and then gargle with water. Follow the process twice a day for better results.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Dant Manjan – Anand Dant Ausadhi

Anand Dant Ausadhi – Ayurvedic Dant Manjan has several benefits such as treating the problem of gum swelling, phyrohhea, bleeding, pain, cavities. The ingredients that Anand Dant Ausadhi is made up of are: Mirch, Soverchal, Bhallatak, Kakendu, Rajvraksha Beej, Geerik, BabulTwak, Saphticka, Haridra. Over the use of many years we have noticed that continuous use of Anand Dant Ausadhi may result in the cure of many oral problems.

Anand Dant Ausadhi accurately works as it’s tagline: Anand Dant Ausadhi – Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Guarantees you a perfect smile.