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Ayurvedic Tooth Powders That Can Be Great For Your Teeth

When it comes to caring for our teeth and maintaining oral health, we all know the importance of brushing daily. It often stands as the baseline for oral care. Brushing our teeth is as ingrained in our daily routines as eating or sleeping, and if we do nothing else for our mouths, we at least brush.

Ayurveda has long viewed oral health as an important part of our overall health and well-being, understanding the connections of the mouth with other organs and systems in the body—parallels modern science is beginning to confirm.

With this understanding, Ayurveda offers us a rich tradition of oral care, including oil pulling, tongue cleaning, and turning to Nature’s abundant pharmacopoeia of ingredients to clean the teeth and gums.

Benefits of Using Anand Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

The process of brushing with Anand Ayurvedic Tooth Powder is almost exactly like using toothpaste, although the experience is a little different. There are no foaming agents, so you won’t experience any foaming as you brush.

Beyond that, the experience of using Anand Tooth Powder is much like brushing with toothpaste!

How to Brush with Tooth Powder
Wet your toothbrush.
Dip your brush in the Tooth Powder and brush as you normally would.
Rinse your mouth.
Follow with Daily Swish pulling oil for an extra clean mouth.
That’s it! When you’re done brushing, your mouth will feel bright, fresh, and sparkling clean.

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