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Effects of Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

Ayurveda has been mentioning various procedures for maintaining oral hygiene since ages. These include procedures like gandusha, kavala, dantadhavana, and jivha lekhana (cleaning tongue). Various plants have been mentioned in Ayurveda for dantakashta. Various Ayurvedic dental formulations are available in market in the form of powders, paste, etc.

Present study was conducted for evaluating the effect of one of such Ayurvedic tooth powder named Anand Dant Ausadhi. It is useful for treatment of the teeth and gums. This Ayurvedic tooth & gum powder is recommended for cavities, gingivitis and decayed tooth etc. It is recommended for old people who suffer from weak teeth and also recommended for children who get cavities in teeth due to excessive eating of sweets and chocolates may also use this natural tooth powder everyday to get relief from toothache. It helps in controlling plaque and reducing gum inflammation in patients of moderate gingivitis. Scaling, root planning, and polishing were done for all the patients participating in the study.

Oral hygiene instructions were given that included brushing twice/day with assigned tooth powder Anand Dant Ausadhi using BASS method for tooth brushing and also massage over gum tissue with finger.

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