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Urban Dictionary

In honor of our ever-changing English language, here are the big pop culture words we think everyone needs to know. I’m guessing the site used to be an actual dictionary for urban slangs and sayings,but now it’s just full of people trying too hard to be funny. If it’s a word, there will be a definition for it that is sex-related. The Netflix series “Bridgerton” has been defined as, “Basically Gossip Girl based 300 years ago.” The first large-scale study of the provides unique insights into the way our language is evolving. This Twitter feed expands on a web site that has humorously brought together the classical music community online since 2014. The photographs of deceased and living composers paired with brief, witty captions…

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Similarly, few entries are highly popular (i.e. they collected a high number of votes). We also found a strong correlation between the number of up and down votes for each entry, illustrating the importance of visibility on the votes an entry receives. The focus of UD on slang words means that many of the words are usually not appropriate in formal conversations, like a formal job interview.

  • Powered by video aggregator site VHX, the site shows a definition from the site and pairs it with a video that illustrates the word.
  • Humans created this repository of slang, The Urban Dictionary.
  • Mr. Peckham, who is 32 and lives in San Francisco, has never taken venture capital money and still runs the entire site from his laptop.
  • Meera is a Culture Reporter at Mashable, joining the UK team in 2021.
  • In higher frequency bins, the fraction of entries marked as opinion is higher.
  • The trend is connected to the app’s “Add Yours” sticker feature, which allows people to create a public thread and content chain of sorts, consolidated under one topic.
  • While most entries are marked as describing a meaning, the considerable presence of opinions suggests that the type of content in UD is different from that in traditional dictionaries [13, pp. 3–4].

In the context of UD, we use ‘entry’ to refer to an individual content contribution (e.g. the combination of headword, definition, example text and tags submitted by a user). Due to the heterogeneity in UD, we lower cased the headwords to calculate this statistic. This follows the interface of UD, which also does not match on case when grouping entries. In this article, we have studied a complete snapshot (1999–2016) of UD to shed light on the characteristics of its content. We found that most contributors of UD only added one entry and very few added a high number of entries. Moreover, we found a number of skewed distributions, which need to be taken into account whenever performing analyses on the UD data. Very few headwords have a high number of entries, while the majority have only one entry.

Urban dictionary name trend: What’s going on with the latest social media trend

It’s the latest chapter in the region’s fraught history of alphabet reform. When gay and lesbian people had to invent their own languages with which to talk with each other, camp led the way. Are its contributors just pranking would-be scholars attempting to use the site for anything other than gleeful entertainment? An alternative Urban Dictionary definition of manz, “part man and part zebra,” might stem only from the cackling imagination of a single user.

  • It can also make people feel unsafe to speak up and share their language, silencing entire groups of people.
  • It also provides definitions for people’s names, which Twitter and Instagram users are now posting across their profiles.
  • The first large-scale study of the Urban Dictionary provides unique insights into the way our language is evolving.
  • There are several directions of future work that we aim to explore.
  • For example, Urban Dictionary has been used as evidence to help define slang words in courtrooms.

All these projects are based on contributions from volunteers, often anonymous and non-experts. Although the success of most of these examples is beyond expectation, there are challenges and shortcomings to be considered as well. Today we play the Urban Dictionary guessing game as we try to guess the definitions of the most disgusting words we could find on Urban Dictionary. We touch on the United Airlines PR disaster as a man got dragged through the aisle. A police department calls a press conference and it turns into an ISIS like rant.

Forget Wikipedia. Let Urban Dictionary Tell You About The Biggest Games.

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Mashable supports Group Black and its mission to increase greater diversity in media voices and media ownership. Group Black’s collective includes Essence, TheShadeRoom and Afro-Punk. Basically, the entries can go either way, and sometimes can elicit a laugh or two, as Twitter proved.

Urban Dictionary

The prompt “Show us ur name in Urban Dictionary” just went viral. For Brandi, Urban Dictionary definitions shows it as the “illest and dopest chick you’ll ever meet. She loves hard & drama free,” the submission read.

Aaron Peckham founded Urban Dictionary in 1999, with the goal of creating a dictionary of crowdsourced slang words, and over the past 20 years the site has grown to include definitions for just about everything. And as Broadly’s Lawson points out, there are real-world implications to publishing a racist dictionary that is used by tens of millions of people a month.

  • However, a new word or a new meaning needs to have enough evidence backing it up before it can enter a traditional dictionary.
  • To characterize the data, we therefore annotated a sample of the data using crowdsourcing .
  • Kyle sings gospel music and we give some life advice to someone who thinks they might be gay.
  • Part of Urban Dictionary’s appeal is its informal approach, which allows both definitions and descriptions of words.
  • She writes about digital culture, mental health, big tech, entertainment, and more.
  • We only included headwords with at least three definitions.

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